Insane Erosense Ultra Stimulating Personal Moisturizer Foil Pack .20 Ounce

Insane Erosense Ultra Stimulating Personal Moisturizer Foil Pack .20 Ounce

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  • Product Sku: SOVL340
  • Manufacturer: Sensuva Organics
  • Availability: Short Wait
  • Release Date: August 5, 2014


Erosense Insane is the most intense personal moisturizer on the market. When it is inserted vaginally, there is a relentless heat and then the sexiest feeling of circular movement inside the body. Women can feel it internally as well as externally when it comes in contact with the clitoris. Enjoy this wild roller-coaster of sensation alone, or with a partner to take your love making to a climatic burst. ADVANCED users of arousal products will fall absolutely in love with Erosense Insane. It's a good idea to merchandise Erosense Insane with lubricants AND arousal products.

- The most intense stimulating personal moisturizer on the market
- Designed for ADVANCED users of arousal products
- Feels incredibly warm
- Creates the sensation of movement inside the body
- Provides more clitoral stimulation
- Merchandise it in your lubricant and arousal sections
- Use for solo play and love-making
- Safe to use with any toy material EXCEPT silicone
- Glycerin, paraben and menthol free

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Always put lubes on top of my skin, but when i saw this product i wanted to try it immediately. The sensation if fantastic how it tingles and warms you deep inside. After about five minutes my whole body gets that feeling.

Anonymous - February 6 2015

more than arousing

This stimulating moisturizer is more than arousing, it gets you so damn horny you wanna have sex all night long

Anonymous - November 12 2014

Will knock your socks off guaranteed

Being a lubricant freak who can't have any kind of sex action with out it, this one is the most insanely arousing lube yet... exactly like the label states. I can't emphasize enough how superior this lube is from all the other ones i have. The tingling and swirling sensation it creates both inside my vagina and on top of my clit is profoundly the most sexually exciting sensation i ever come across. It's completely mind blowing and the orgasms that gets pumped out of me are of a ridiculously intense and long lasting kind. You're totally missing out if you don't check out this lube!!!

Anonymous - September 25 2014

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