Halloween 3 Pack

Halloween 3 Pack

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When you want to do more than just wear your heart on your sleeve... make a tatastatement!On the face of it, that`s a simple question with an easy answer: temporary tattoos for your tatas.Yet that explanation fails to capture the essence of tatatoos®. Yes, they start out as temporary tattoos. But in the right hands, tatatoos® wind up as permanent memories.Treated like a personal greeting card, tatatoos® are temporary tattoos, worn on your tatas, that relay sentiments in a fun, intimate and original way.So whether you`re looking for something different for someone special, a laugh, a gag or just some fun, let your tatatoos® do the ta-ta-talking.tatatoos®: when you want to say it all, but leave plenty to the imagination. Special Halloween edition! Includes 3 tatatoos®.

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